Training Classes

We offer a wide range of classes at both of our locations. To signup for a class, select your desired location and easily secure your ticket online.

Class Overviews

Handguns: Our core handgun essentials training consist of the following 1 hour classes:

  1. Beginner Handgun Safety and Responsibility
  2. Improve Your Handgun Aim and Accuracy
  3. Handgun Marksmanship Class

If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you take all three, but we do not require you to do so. You can attend each separately or as a 3-in-1 package with a cost savings, by signing up for the Handgun Essentials Training Program, currently offered in both locations.

Additional Class Options

  • Beginner Handgun Safety and Responsibility: Designed for those who have never shot before. If you have just purchased a firearm or have never learned to use a firearm, this is the ideal class for you.
  • Improve Your Handgun Aim and Accuracy: Designed for those who have a very basic familiarity with handguns. By the end of this hour, you will be shooting three rounds in the same hole.
  • Handgun Marksmanship: Increase your knowledge around basic concepts of accuracy and improve your technique of shooting at different distances with greater precision.
  • Rifles: We offer the same series of 3 classes for rifle classes (Beginner, Aim and Marksmanship) for those interested in improving rifle skills.
  • Move, Draw and Shoot, Defensive Handgun: Designed for those who want to carry a gun and to draw from a holster safely.
  • Low Light Handgun Skills: Designed for those interested in using a flashlight with a handgun in low-light or no-light situations.
  • Selecting a Defensive Firearm: Designed to help you choose the firearm that is right for you.
  • Youth Firearm Safety Classes: Designed for 10-15 year olds to introduce the safe handling of firearms.
  • We also offer Defensive Shotgun and Home Defense, Purchasing a Silencer, Handgun Cleaning and many others.
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